Is it possible to appeal against a drink driving offence?

18 October 2018

If you are reading this blog, it may be because feel you have been at the brut of a miscarriage of justice regarding a


How are drink driving fines calculated in the UK?

12 October 2018

Typically, individuals caught drink driving will have a ban imposed on them. A fine or prison sentence may also be a possibility. But how


Can CCTV be used to support a drink driving case?

03 October 2018

A suspect drink driver was pulled over by police. In response to a passer by reporting the incident. Numerous tests were conducted. One of


Invention of new device could be liable replacement for breathalyser

28 September 2018

Research staff in the nanoengineering, electrical and computer engineering departments of the University of California San Diego have been working tirelessly on a new


Could self-driving cars be the future solution to solve drink driving problems?

19 September 2018

The Coalition of Future Mobility has joined forces with the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America (WSWA) An organisation which represents around 360 companies

Interlocks to be trialled in County Durham. The first trial in the UK

14 September 2018

Recently, Auto Express published an article on the trialling of interlocks in County Durham. The first county to trial them in the UK. Previously

Stricter drink driving penalties for Belgium. Buy breathalyzers online

03 September 2018

From 1st July, alcohol interlocks became a necessity for repeat or high-level drink drive offenders. Contrasting with a previously underused legal option. However, it

breathalyser and pint

New technology hopes to catch drink drivers before they sober up

30 August 2018

New roadside breathalyser technology is potentially going to be used by the government in a crackdown to stop drink drivers in their tracks. Currently,

Breathalyse with near police accuracy with the AlcoSense Ultra

21 August 2018

Compared to a breathalyser twice its price, the AlcoSense Ultra hosts a range of features. Allowing customers to perform tests with near police accuracy.

alcosense breathalyser

Breathalyzing need not be expensive. Introducing the AlcoSense UK single use breathalyzer

15 August 2018

Are you looking for a single use, inexpensive breathalyzer? At £2.99, the AlcoSense UK breathalyser might be the perfect choice. The AlcoSense UK single

alcosense pro fuel cell breathalyzer

The AlcoSense Pro: Delivering police level testing at an affordable price

03 August 2018

The AlcoSense Pro is one of the most advanced breathalyzers available in its price range. Furthermore, three years of research and development have led

alcosense pro fuel cell breathalyzer

Why should I buy a breathalyzer?

27 July 2018

Do you regularly drink then drive? Undeniably, breathalyzing yourself is the only way you can make sure you are safe to drive after drinking. Some