About Us

Drink and Drive Safe is a movement to empower people to be able to drink socially and, if they posses a driving license, know with 100% certainty when it is safe to drive.

Drink and Drive Safe was first set up by philanthropist Toby Cruse. It all came about because Toby witnessed the consequences first hand of ignorance as to the drink and drive alcohol limits. A close friend of Toby’s was convicted of drink driving following a random stop by the police. There was almost certainty there should have been no issue when the friend was pulled over, having drunk the night before, however this was proven otherwise after blowing into a breathalyser. This lead to a conviction and what Toby describes as a very limiting period for his friend, not only physically but mentally too. On the back end of this Toby didn’t want anyone else to be in a similarly vulnerable position, especially when the consequences are so severe and it can all lead to life quality limiting circumstances (job loss etc.)

Drink and Drive Safe never promotes Drinking and Driving. It is clear that the only way we will be 100% safer behind the wheel will be without any alcohol, 100% focussed on the road, driving within the speed limits on sunny clear days with no distractions.

If you like to drink socially and at some point need to get behind a wheel www.drinkanddrivesafe.co.uk is the best site to access to find answers and understand when it is safe to drive.